Our products are supplied in various dosage forms. What they all have in common are their consistently high quality and their scientifically proven effect. You can opt for the dosage form that best suits the needs and preferences of your customers and the climatic and cultural conditions in the countries in which you operate:

  • ready-to-drink vials
  • powder sachets and sticks
  • powder mixtures in cans or pouches
  • film-coated tablets in blisters
  • direct powder
  • gel tubes

Ready-to-drink vials:

Our liquid formulations on a collagen peptide basis are really tasty. They come in ready-to-drink vials of different sizes and, as well as the great flavour, are also remarkable for their easy handling and innovative design. Every vials provides the necessary daily dose as proven in clinical trials. The product can be supplied according to your wishes either as a monthly pack or any other container size.



Powder products:

Benefit from the extensive knowledge and years of experience that our parent company has gained with powder products. We offer high-quality, innovative formulas, specifically tailored to your distribution channels. Is your focus on the medical environment, such as doctors, pharmacies, or drugstores? Or do you tend to concentrate on target groups in a sports environment? Our powder products, packed as sachets, sticks, or cans, provide the perfect solution for every requirement.



Film-coated tablets:

Perfectly shaped tablets in top-quality and with individual coloring appeal to sophisticated audiences in the beauty-from-within-market. Whether you opt for a more cosmetic or medical positioning: We offer you marketable products with the appropriate packaging and perfect design to ensure satisfied customers and your success.




We offer a Joint-gel based on arnica, boswellia, and ginger as a Supplement in attractive tubes of 100 ml and 75 ml. It is applied externally and cares for the Skin with Collagen.