Dear Customers, in light of development regarding COVID-19 we would like to proactively provide you details and additional transparent around our supply chain.

Consumer protection and food safety as well as reliable supply has always been most important for GELITA AG as the leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides for food, pharmaceutical and health & nutrition purposes. We expect our suppliers to continue supplying us with the necessary resources (raw materials, chemicals, etc.). We therefore count among the companies that ensure the provision of basic supplies.

We take the situation very seriously and are fully aware that we as our customers are part of the vital product chains Food, Pharmaceutical and H&N products and need to maintain the entire supply chain - as far as we are permitted to do so. This is why we can say it’s only thanks to all GELITA employees who under adherence of all possible protection measures go to our plants daily. And also to the colleagues who work from home ensuring that the work flows as smoothly as possible and we are able to continue delivering our products.

GELITA AG is currently, also due to its global manufacturing network, able to fulfil customer demands regarding the delivery of our products. All our production plants are currently in operation and we our utmost best to continue, always with the key priority of protecting our people and not considering that situation might change on short notice.

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Dosage Forms

Our products are supplied in various dosage forms. You can opt for the dosage form that best suits the needs and preferences of your customers.

Details of dosage forms

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